FMP presentation



Today I finished my part of the star wars group. My part was art diector this means I had to find the characters for the game and make a poster.

FMP – Final evaluation


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for my fmp  I played assassin creed 4 mulitplayer Deatmatch, which is one of the online modes for the is  game  . I recorded the gameplay footage off ps4 and my commentary on the camera separately then bought all of it  back then put it into a premiere pro cs6 then starting editing it. I did this because the original audio was out of sync.

Thing I found sucessful in my fmp was that I found  a game of deathmatch easily and I found that recording it for my fmp went without hitch. I found 4 music pieces that complement the gameplay. these are  sandstorm by Darude, All I want and B with me by Mis Teeq and applause by Lady gaga And I compleating it on time

Thing I found went wrong was the game jumped alot because the ps4 didnt record accurately. I was looking for a wanted game but couldnt find one in time cause none was playing it online. I had issues with the audio as the music was loud and you couldn’t hear me because the music over throws me.i fixed my audio by turning down the songs so you can hear my voice. My fmp was long and people where driffing off.

The project went very well for me cause it was somthing I enjoyed doing.

In my proposal i was going to do funtage/ how to play the game at levl 1. however I did a walkthrough on deathmatch for assassi’s creed 4 mulitplayer.

If I had to do it again I will probably take more time to orginize everything and plan it out more clearly.


FMP – Research


this is a video on how  put a video onto a video.  I followed his instuction in the video, however I did it in the top right and he did it in the top left. I found this video helpful because clear and you can undstand him .

 this youtube video shows how to capture gameplay and voices from the PS4. i found this useful because I wanted  to do it for my fmp. By watching this guy take audio and visual straight from gameplay i was able to put it in my fmp. 

I used this video as inspiration for my fmp. This was what I was hopeing to do because the game is really funny when there is a glitch. this person is really funny if  I  could meet him I would say thanks for making people laugh and say you  inspired  me to make a gameplay/funtage .

 this one is example of in game chat with mulitple friends in a privite game. This was helpful because it shows me I can record in game audio whilest playing with friends at the same time. i got inspiration to do the mulitplayer.

FMP – Pitch presentation reflection

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Things I could improve on is beening  less hyper and make it a bit more clearer so people can understand me. What went well in my presentation is that i had losts of imformation to show people. I was confident as I was doing something that I like (assassin creed). I also had lots of backup plans just in chase  I couldn’t find a game.

The issues I had were colour of presentation, showing myselfon screeen, timing,what game type is it, how are you going to shoot and record and unpredictability of other players.

I could have more slides init to show what im doing for each thing.



Today I did Project proposal about my walkthrough why i pick it and what problem i will have do it ,Register with and create a survey for intended audience.